''Luciana is a very diligent and enthusiastic student. I can foresee that she will be very successful in a her chosen career as a make up artist''  -   Glauca Rossi on Linkedin

"A quick post to tell you about my great experience with Luciana. If you have been lucky enough to work with her, you already know what I mean: she is professional, her work is precise and lively. She is so creative and always in a good spirit"  Dainne on Facebook

"Luciana was very professional, talented and a pleasure to work with. She did a great job, looking forward to working together again in the future" Sharan Rai on Star Now

''We worked with Luciana on a two-days music video shoot and she was very professional and reliable, doing an amazing job with two boys and 1 girl's makeup and hair. She was also happy to stick around to a long day where we traveled a lot around London.Would definitely recommend her and call her again for future jobs'' - by Carolina Rinaldi (Film & Stage Crew)

''Great shoot today, thanks @AndrianoLuciana for the makeup work -  Zac Denman (Video Production) on Twitter

Recommended for: Makeup Artist on Starnow from Mariana Ivanova (First Assistant Director for To Trend On Twitter)

Recommended for: Special Effects Makeup Artist on Starnow

''Wonderful special effect make up artist to work it, so professional and reliable.Excellent" -  Jesse (Film Producer

"To the make up artist @AndrianoLuciana thanks so much for your beautiful make up on @EirenSoph &@georginaontop #OperaDiva"

By Clapham Opera Festival on Twitter

Recommended for: Makeup Artist Required for Short Film Project 'Mistaken' on Starnow

'' I would like to recommend Luciana as she did a great job working as a Make Up Artist on the 'Short Film Mistaken'. The crew stated she was a pleasure to work with on set and had a good personality along with being reliable and being excellent at her job, showing great skills in transforming character faces and applying bruising''- by Michael Daley (Film Producer

''Hey Luciana Andriano, it was lovely working with you yesterday, your make up & hair styling was wonderful''...By Leon Koku on Facebook

''I have worked with Luciana Andriano on several head shot session for www.vmheadshots.com and I would

definitely recommend her others that need a friendly and professional MUA. Thank you Luciana! Agenda'' by Visulal Marvelry V 

''Recommended for: Makeup Artist for Dylan Thomas Adaption - Short Movie'' - Sam M(Film Director) on Star Now